Accessorize your iPhone X

Here’s is the current email dealfor those who dont get the emails


Interesting that there’s no deal on the new PowerPort II 2

Darn, I’m still looking for a wireless charger… :confounded:


+1 on the wireless car charger.
… and true wireless earphones.

Some great deals there :slight_smile:

Just got that email also

Wireless car chargers are pointless as you will not get any type of decent charge from it. It’s more of a residual charge to keep an already charged phone charged.

I mean I get the need and want of it, just it’s impractical

Anker needs to come out with a response to RAVPower’s 10w wireless charger

It’s really good for keeping phone topped up throughout day and at night. Less wear on port.

I think the touch is the best looking case out of all 4.
Also is the little button at the top of the Powerport II new?

The touch is too plain imo, I like the rise and the karapax shield +

I prefer the simplicity of the touch with the apple symbol on the back

I would like to see Anker make a standing wireless charger for say a nightstand with apple watch combo… or a wireless charger pad thats big enough for both since i just got the Iphone X pre ordered and ordered a 10w wireless charging pad for my bedroom. just would like the convenience to charge both at same time on one pad for less cords to deal with.

I agree a wireless charger can be beneficial but a few posters above wanted a wireless car charger, which I admit I also wanted until I researched more and saw how little it will do in most instances charging a phone or other device for the usually short time people are in there car.
Now, if a person commuted for more than an hour it would start to be beneficial as it will charge more. But at the same time nothing beats a fast charger in the car that can fully charge and maintain a device for short or long trips

Does anyone know if there are products to sample for the iphoneX for power users? I don’t know where to go on the website to see this information.

It varies depending on location and if they have available stock. Click on the three tabs at the top of your forum screen and then click on poweruser, if anything is available you would see it on that page

I only see the sample I had signed up for previously and nothing else. I contacted Rosa and she says new samples are out but I can’t see anything available.

You may not be aware, but a lot of car companies already offer wireless charging. These include, Audi BMW Chrysler Ford GM Honda Mercedes-Benz Toyota Volkswagen Volvo.

With wireless fast charging technology, it really isn’t that slow of a charge any more. And for people with long commutes it still makes a lot of sense to at least have a relatively slower charge that will keep you topped off, than have to fumble around with the cable.

With wireless carplay coming along, this makes all the more sense.