Accessorise your iPhone X - Up to 25% Discount - 2 Days - UK/DE Only

For those not on any mailing lists. Up to 25% off selected items to accessorise your iPhone X.

UK only. Starts November 3rd 00:00 GMT 2017, ends November 4th 23:59 GMT 2017. Discount quantity is limited. First come, first served.


DE too :ok_hand:
@ndalby maybe you can Update your topic Name to UK and DE ?


Cheers for that, wasn’t aware that DE also got the same email. Topic title updated.


What language is that?

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I really appreciate you posting these UK offers.

The Powercore II 10000 is most differentiated with Quickcharge built into IQ and iphone does not benefit from Quickcharge. So please balance it is 10000 with its price relative to alternatives.

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DE - Deutschland is it.


Cheers. Mine is often a hit and miss affair for them so when I can find or get them I like to post for those who have a hit and miss one like mine.