Accessing cameras from desktop computer

I just purchased a eufyCam E system, and so far I like it very much. It replaced a 1st generation Arlo system that has been updated by newer models.

One of the features I did like about the Arlo system is that I could log onto my cameras using my desktop (Windows) computer. This was very convenient.

Can the Eufy system do this also? It’s not a dealbreaker, but, like I said, it was very convenient.

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I guess you could do a very round about way of getting an Android emulator like Andy and then downloading the android app so you could view it on your computer?

@eufy_cams2 You can access the live stream and cloud stored footage via the web portal but you will require a browser which supports flash player. Hopefully they will develop a more comprehensive method of accessing footage on desktops but they do have quite a growing list of features requested / announced which have yet to make an appearance.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

@eufy_cams2 don’t get surprised when you log into the portal on desktop, it will kick you out of the app on phone. So, you have to login again into the app.
Also, only live sreaming works with the portal, unless you have a subscription to eufy cloud storage, you cannot view the recordings.

Yes please add Desktop support and it would be nice to be able to integrate with Hubitat too!