About to go all in on EufyCam 2 but have a question about HomeKit and the EufyCam 2

With the soon to be released HomeKit Secure Video feature being added to the EufyCam 2 I believe I have found the cameras I need for our home security.

I have one MAJOR question though.

Can, (when added to Homekit), the EufyCams 2 be shared or placed in another “home”.

Here is my scenario:

We live in a duplex house.

I live on one side.
My sister in law lives in the other half.

I would like to outfit our entire house (outside) to use Homekit cameras since the video feeds will be secure (thanks apple) and I will probably end up saving $150 a year in cloud fees (no thanks Arlo)

I want her to feel safe and secure as well and to be able to check on a cam in the middle of the night if she hears a noise.

The issue is this:

I do NOT want to share my whole iCloud with my sister obviously, but I DO want to share the EufyCam 2 cameras (in Homekit mode) So that when she goes to Home App on her iPhone she can see the live feeds and review video from back in time.

So I know Apple provides an option for a second “home” in the Home app, does anyone know if can I place all the cameras in that part of Home app?

…and then name the home “Cameras” or something like that.

…then invite my sister in law to have access to just the “Cameras” home.

I do not want her to have full access to all my light switches and everything else I have setup in my house that uses Homekit!

I basically want to share my cameras, but still allow her to view footage with HomeKit Secure video. But the video will be on my Apple iCloud 2TB account and I do not want her to have access to any other iCloud files etc.


Worse case, can she just use the Eufy Cam app at that point? (To access all the cameras) I just read that the Logitech Circle which now supports HomeKit Secure video basically stops using the Logitech app once you convert the cams over to Homekit.

So if that is the same case there, then she would not be able to do much with the Eufy Cam App.

Sadly, I think Arlo would be the best option since I would just give her access to the Arlo Cloud account and do not have to give her any access to my Home app stuff.


Thank you!