About powering a gopro with the 10000 PD power bank

So I recently got a 10000 PD power bank, this one to be more exact,
And I was thinking if it’s ok to also direct power my GoPro with it. The output specs of the power bank say it’s PD (5V=3A, 9V=2A, 15V=1.2A) and Power IQ (5V=3A, 9V=2A) but my GoPro recommends chargers that output 5V and 1A-2A.

Perfectly fine.

Thanks. I know amps don’t do any damage. But I was unsure about the voltages. I could use the iQ2 port that has a 5V=2A output but if i want to connect another device the second would be useful too. And that port has multiple voltages, didn’t know exactly if it detects power automatically for what my device needs.

With the USBC port, the voltage is only higher than 5V in a situation not like yours. You’d have to connect either a QC2 or a PD device (a phone say) and it sends a negotiation control message to say it can take more then 5V.

Your GoPro won’t do that so will only receive 5V.

There’s a small chance the PD USBC port won’t work with the GoPro hence why the USBA port is also there which in your case you’d probably use anyway. If you used the USBA port only 5V is offered there is no negotiation anyway.

Note you’ll be needing a 18W PD charger to recharge the Powercore, Anker makes many, an example being.

Both ports give more flexibility including not having to worry about voltage.

You’d likely recharge the Powercore from the above charger using USBC to USBC cable (supplied with the Powercore) , and likely use the USBA port to then charge GoPro.

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