Aaaaannnnnkkkkkeeeerrrrrr! Please don't ever use UPS!

This was ordered on the 14th of November from Ankers website. I was expecting the day listed, the 16th, now its the 18th and according to this UPS does not have my package. This of course is not my first run in with UPS, last year, their kind driver threw an iPad I ordered in the snow. Not only I was furious, but Best Buy was also very disappointed. @AnkerOfficial, I listened to @joshuad11 and purchased the Powercore+ 26800 PD for $71, this is my biggest purchase from Anker and my first from your Website. What do you guys want me to do since UPS is unresponsive and their robot “helper” is incompetent. Has anyone else had problems like this in the past? What did you do to resolve it? I need this battery by wednesday which is why I ordered it a week in advance.

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Sorry to hear the delays your order has experienced.

It’s strange though because usually people beg for UPS, and get frustrated when they use the post office. :laughing:

I am best friends with my post office, I have never had a problem with them or FEDEX its only UPS thats the problem

I recently got my package which was initially shipped via ups but then transfered to post office. My package was crushed but the product still works. Will be posting my review after some more testing. But goes to show either shipping method can have its issues, as not sure if it’s ups or post office fault for it being crushed

well elmo, its $71 at steak here. I don’t care how it gets here*, I just want it.

*no water damage, crushing, or damaged in any way

Same thing happened to me on Thursday my tracking said that my package was delivered looked inside my mailbox and nothing was there i had to followed the mail guy so he could open box where he left my packages

Feel your pain waiting for postie when you’re in a hurry.

I fully understand, maybe in the morning give ups a call to find oUT what’s going on?

I did and they was like “sorry, nothing we can do” speak to the shipper and Anker is like “speak to amazon they ship it out” then amazon said “talk to the UPS guys” so yeah… I am stuck

Grr, I’m frustrated for you too. This back and forth is no good, I’m sure @AnkerOfficial can look into it on their end but until they post here its a waiting game. Sorry your having so much trouble, wish there was something I could do

I agree. I usually have problems with USPS more then I do UPS. But then again, they both have their moments.

@cdarienzo1 I feel your pain. It always seems that delays are inevitable when you need it fast. Hopefully, the UPS just hasn’t updated the status.

Different curriers provide different quality service depending on where you are. Personally the only complaint I have with UPS is that the driver usually knocks rather than ringing the bell.

UPS does have possession of your package, that’s what origin scan means.

seems like a 3rd party has the package, and has yet to be transferred. Delayed from either a guy not picking it up yet from their warehouse, weather, etc.

but its weird, I thought Anker shipped out of California, Which I don’t see there at all.

I have had packages ship from Arkansas, and california. But it could be whichever warehouse they have stock at

Any updates?

Amazon has no Idea what a Powercore+ 26800 Pd is and they claim it’s anker’s fault or UPS. UPS says they will email in 4 hours.

I usually get fedex and am very happy with their service. Try using them in the future. Good luck getting the new power bank.

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Sadly when you order from amazon or other companies you usually do not have a say in which service they use so your at their mercy

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What is this nonsense

Now it’s magically missing

I’m surprised they haven’t dealt with the delivery guy. We had issues with our guy and so did our neighbors. After several complaints he was gone. At our new place the UPS guy rarely ever comes out (living in the country we have limited delivery options) unless its a prime order. Ours gets transferred to the postal service.