A7721 keyboard on a Mac – Command and Alt don't work together

On the left-hand-side of my keyboard, key commands don’t work that require a combination of Alt and Command. For example, using InDesign Command+Alt+Shift+V is paste in place; and in Powerpoint Command+Alt+G is group. These commands don’t work. All the buttons work independently, just not combined. Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution?


@Matthew_Charlesworth I am afraid this issue was caused by the system incompatibility. Please try use those combination on the right-hand-side of the keyboard to see if that helps fix the issue. If this issue cannot be fixed satisfactorily, you’re welcome to contact us via support@anker.com and we’ll surely do our best to help:)

Having a similar problem with bringing up an OmniFocus quick entry window, which uses control-option-spacebar. Works fine on my MacBook Pro keyboard, but doesn’t work at all on the bluetooth-attached A7721 keyboard.

What is “the system incompatibility” referenced above? Sounds like something noted previously, but I don’t find any other mention of it.

I also have the same problem but don’t understand what you mean by “system incompatibility”. Does that mean that I should update my mac os x version (I am using Yosemite) . Is there any way to do fix it? the right combo works, but that defeats the purpose of many keyboard shorcuts that assume your right hand is free.
Thanks for any guidance.

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Im having the same issue with the command and alt on the left side whats the incompatible issue? any workaround?

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Hi - I am also looking for a workaround. I have a lot of shortcuts setup with combination of ctrl + option keys. This is a major issue for me. I am definitely returning this keyboard if I don’t get any workaround until tomorrow.

I am having the same problem. I’m using an Anker A7726 with the most up-to-date version of OSX.
Key combinations with Ctrl-Command do not work properly. The keyboard is advertised as working with OSX, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Have the same issue, the “left alt+cmd” combination don’t work together, but it work if the combination are LeftCmd+RightAlt Or RightCmd+LeftAlt, Or even rightCmd+rightAlt work perfectly, yes it like the key work fine separately.
Its a major issue, will not be effective for a designer who use a mouse or pen with right-handed, and the key combination on the left-hand.
Does anyone have a tips from mac setting to fix it?

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Did anyone ever find a fix? its really annoying- ‘paste in place’ indesign shortcut works on the right hand side but not the left side.

did you ever get it working for indesign ?

Hey, any luck getting it working on the left side?

This is a terrible bug that should’ve been fixed with a firmware update. Or even better, fixed before selling this keyboard. It is let down by these kind of bugs and makes it a very frustrating experience rather than a nice one. Couple this with the fact that keys like F4/F5 are completely dead in macOS and you’ll have a workflow inhibitor. I highly doubt Anker can not fix this, they just don’t care. I wish I found out about this before spending my money on it.

They do work on the left side but it’s very inconvenient. Maybe if you’re left handed its doable.

So you’re blaming your failed design on Apple? Classy. It is clear something is wrong in the firmware or maybe even hardware level with this keyboard. How is it Apple’s fault shortcut keys don’t always work on the left side of the keyboard? Really cheap excuse to be perfectly honest. Blaming Apple for your lack of testing and decent design and firmware coding. Smh.

Why not release a firmware update to fix these things, or offer customers their money back as Anker can not make a proper Apple replacement keyboard.