A7721 bluetooth keyboard: Media keys not working

Everything else is working fine. But keys like brightness, audio volume, etc are not working. I am on a 2018 MacBook Pro with TouchBar. I tried the keyboard on my iPhone and the media keys do not work there either. Time for a new keyboard? Thanks.

Even if you get another Anker keyboard they won’t work. Anker simply didn’t put the functionality in the firmware. This keyboard could’ve been one of the best Apple replacement keyboards, but thanks to its dead keys and inability to use shortcuts on the left side of the keyboard this is just a paper weight for me.

You can’t even open Launchpad with F4 to quickly start apps. All it does it slow me down. Anker should stop selling these keyboards as iOS/macos compatible. It is misleading. They’re clearly not compatible on a level one would expect as they lack many standard features and functions that the real Apple keyboard AND other replacements do have.

I bought a $15 Chinese clone from AliExpress and all the keys work just like on a real Apple keyboard. The build quality is just very bad compared to the Anker. It’s sad in a way. Anker could’ve had a real winner if it wasn’t for these issues.