A3143 does not charge

Hi. I have bought bt speaker for my son in june. At this point speaker does not charge - while plugged in led flashes amber and red. Sometimes even being plugged in it shuts down. I wonder if this is something with battery or anything else? Tryied different chargers but result is still the same.
Thank you.

Does the USB lead and charger work fine for other devices, to rule out cable issues? If they do, it sounds more like a hardware fault (never seen the behaviour on mine). As you only purchased in June (2016?) you are well within Anker’s warranty for support and replacement if required. Drop them a line at support@anker.com with purchase details etc and they should be able to sort you out :thumbsup:

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Thank you ndalby. Tried different chargers and leads. All the same. I will write to support.