A3143 bluetooth speaker will not connect to Windows 7 laptop (HP)

I am an old coot, with a Windows 7 laptop (HP ProBook). Cannot get Anker A3143 speaker to connect, by bluetooth, to laptop. Keeps saying no drivers found. Tried Anker website…no help. Could use 3.5mm jack,but that defeats the whole purpose (and cost) of buying bluetooth speaker!

Speaker syncs fine to my Android tablet and phone…but not the Windows laptop.

Hi @Marion_Wells, you don’t need a driver specifically for the Anker A3143 speaker. However, the Bluetooth device in your laptop may need a driver update in order to communicate to Bluetooth speakers in general (specifically, the A2DP Bluetooth profile).

You should be able to resolve this by updating the Bluetooth driver for your laptop. You could visit http://support.hp.com/ and search for your particular laptop model to find updated drivers.

There is some additional information on Microsoft’s support site: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2654568/error-bluetooth-peripheral-device-driver-not-found-when-you-try-to-connect-a-bluetooth-device

I hope this helps!

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@TechnicallyWell Thank you for your professional reply:clap: @Marion_Wells There is no driver needed for pairing the speaker with other Bluetooth devices. If the speaker pairs fine with your phone, then the Bluetooth function of the speaker is fine. Could you please try update your Bluetooth driver to see if it helps? You can also try the below steps to see if it can be paired:

  1. Close media applications in your PC (such as Windows Media Player)
  2. Open Control Panel - Sounds and Audio Devices - Audio
  3. Change the default device to “Bluetooth speaker” in Sound playback

We hope this addresses your issue. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via support@anker.com. We will gladly assist you.