A3109 or A3108: Will the speaker automatically turn on with input from audio source?

The alarm system in my house is a Qolsys2Plus which is a wireless system that also has Bluetooth capabilities for sending system beeps, etc. to a remote Bluetooth speaker. They support only the Anker A3109 or A3108 speaker.

My lovely bride is getting on in years and is starting to lose some of her hearing and therefore when she is in her studio, she can no longer hear the beeps generated by the alarm panel on the other side of the house when doors in the house are opened. They recommend I purchase one of the two speakers listed above and place it in her studio.

Leaving aside for the moment whether or not an alarm company knows anything about Bluetooth technology, I note that either Anker speaker auto-shuts off after about 10 minutes. Given that there can be several hours between doors being opened, will either speaker re-awaken when it receives an audio signal from alarm panel?

Can anyone answer my question?

Speakers don’t automatically wake up after being shut off (at least not Soundcore speakers). If your alarm system is compatible with aux, you should get a speaker with aux input. If not, you should look at other brands that are compatible and have a auto wake up feature