A3102 Audio Delay While Playing Videos

 Out of the box I have had audio issues with my Anker A3102 that persist months later.
 I will pair the speaker with my laptop via Bluetooth without issue. When I play a video (Youtube, Video file from the hard drive, a myriad of social media sites, etc.) the audio is delayed anywhere from seconds to minutes.  If I get it working and hot swap to the next audio file, there is no loss in audio.
 The time delay varies and is quite annoying. I didn't have this issue with my generic Bluetooth speaker previous to this upgrade.
 I have no sound issues with any of the files or sites without this device.

Device: Anker A3102
OS: Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon 4.4.8

First idea, if you use the famous VLC there is a possibility to adjust those delays.
Give it a try.
Works perfectly with “OUR” LINUX!