A week-end full of Anker promotion

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say that this week-end I had some family and friends over for a pre-Xmas dinner. I got the chance to show off all my Anker stuff, and my father even left home with a PowerDrive 2 Elite and a PowerCore 20000 mAh :stuck_out_tongue:

People were impress of how much stuff I gathered over the past 2 years. I told them how great the brand is, and asked them to go check on Amazon about all the products :stuck_out_tongue:

I always love to present to my friends and family all my geeky stuff. Without me, they would never know it exists !


Hahaha. That’s awesome! I love telling people about my Anker goodies too. I now got my hubby hooked on it. I even forbid him to buy anything related to batteries, cables, etc, without talking to me first ;). That’s how I roll…with Anker. LOL…


Good work guys. I think most of us that are here do a similar thing with family and friends. I was in work Friday and my mate had a 12000 battery. It died charging his phone. I pulled out the PowerCore 20000, charged up his battery with only 1 led out on mine. I said, there is no way that’s a 12000.

Buy and Anker one lol. He’s on the case. Loved it.


I have given to strangers too “keep it” after they saw mine Powercore and asked to borrow.

Carry a spare discounted Mini+ :innocent:

But the 10000 is mine :mask:

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Haha you are too nice lol
I’m not giving him a 20k, no way :joy:

I’ve given friends and family some the cables I’ve purchased as was fed up them always complaining about dodgy cables.

My gf on the other had just took what she wanted - “what’s yours is mine” was the line she used lol

I already have given several 20000, 2 soundcores, countless cables, a wireless charging pad… I feel like my buddy Santa.

That’s why carry a spare Mini+ :wink:

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Gig night tonight. Off to see Kasabian in Cardiff. Will be taking along my PowerCore II 10k to keep me and my daughter juiced up :thumbsup:

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I was listening to them the other day in work on Spotify, which then went onto listening to Razorlight and Snow Patrol.

Needless to say I done nothing that afternoon :joy:

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Sounds like you guys are married already :wink:

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I wonder who has gifted the most away?

I’m stingy right now, all I have gifted away has been cables. All the power banks I get are mine…including my wifes, since she forgets to keep it charged and I use it

Maybe 1200 :joy:

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May as well be ffs lol

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I did that for my dad last Christmas and then over the summer with my Mom. I gave her one of my lightning cables and a car charger when her cheap gas station junk failed while she was traveling.

They are both fans now.