A true Thunderbolt 4 micro-hub

I have searched the internet far and wide, and cannot find the type of hub I’m looking for. I want to accomplish the following:

  1. Connect to my computer via the USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 (or Thunderbolt 4) port.
  2. Connect up to two USB 3.1 devices.
  3. Connect one USB-C device for data or for power passthrough. (could be two separate ports, I guess; and I’d rather have data than power if I had to sacrifice one for the other).

That’s all. That’s all it needs. I don’t need ethernet. I don’t need a card reader. I don’t need HDMI or a display port. I already own plenty of small gadgets and adapters (like USB C to HDMI for example). I just need a super tiny hub that accomplishes the three things above.

The other suggestion I have is to have a good search feature on a Website that would allow me to choose which inputs and outputs I need and match me up with the closest match.