A small and helpful improvement!

When I take a look at some imprints of ANKER:
Dark buttons, dark case etc. : OK, that’s chic. :grin:

But why GREY imprints, -> nearly invisible on these buttons.

For example the remote of the RoboVac or the buttons of the ZERO.
Give us, (me) a more visible color, not grey, my hair used to have this color years ago.
Now I’m white haired so I would like to have imprints in the same color.

OK, when my last white hairs get lost, the color of the imprints are not more important anymore :joy:

Hope there will be others who will not leave me alone regarding this suggestion.

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I can’t say I’ve had this issue with Anker, but with other devices it does drive me crazy. For example, Samsungs TVs used to have touch sensitive buttons that you can’t see unless you have a flashlight pointed right at the thing. I hated that. Also being partially color-blind is troubling. I don’t feel like some manufacturers take these things into consideration when planning their products. Although I haven’t encountered this myself with Anker, I totally understand, and appreciate, your concern. I hope Anker keeps this in mind for the future.