A PowerStrip with a Great Aesthetic Design | Anker PowerExtend 12 Strip First Impressions

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Before I continue with this post, I’d like to thank Anker and their Testing Club for allowing me to have a PowerExtend 12 Strip testing sample for this post. As a disclaimer, Anker has sent me the PowerExtend 12 Strip free of charge. In return, I was to give them my honest feedback. Anker has not paid me for this review at all and does not have any copy approval. This post only contains my opinions and some specifications.

Anker Testing Club: https://community.anker.com/testing_club

This was the second product sample that I received from Anker in a while. But for context, 30 testers were allowed to receive a testing sample… out of 610 people… And I was actually surprised that they chose me to review it, and I’m still thankful that they chose me!

Anker PowerExtend Strip 12 (Not an Affiliate Link): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B089SPWMW8

Unboxing the PowerExtend 12 Strip is pretty simple. Inside the box, the first thing that I saw was the PowerExtend 12 Strip itself in a matte plastic sleeve with the paperwork at the bottom. I initially forgot about the paperwork because of that.

Some simple specs:

AC Input: 125 V AC, 60 Hz, 10 A

AC Output: 125 V AC, 60 Hz, 15 A, 1875 W

I do not know if this is 240 V compatible. I doubt that it is.

Surge Energy Protection: 4000 J x 2

Size: 11.5 x 4.5 x 1.2 inches / 29.3 x 11.3 x 3.0 cm

Cable Length: 6 ft / 1.8 m

This product does offer Anker’s 18-month warranty and up to $300,000 connected equipment warranty throughout the lifetime of the product. Not to mention Anker’s amazing customer service. I personally have contacted their customer service representatives many times, and still have not had a bad experience from them ever.

According to the Amazon page for this powerstrip, it does say that the shell of the powerstrip is fire resistant with a flash-point up to 1382°F due to the Flame-Retardant PC casing they used for this powerstrip.

untitled image

untitled image

For context, the PowerExtend 12 Strip (the one for this post) is the top picture, and the PowerPort Strip (the older model) is the bottom picture.

Already, I love the aesthetic design of this newer model. The PowerExtend 12 Strip (top picture) has a much more sleek and flat design that is very appealing to me. For the PowerPort Strip (bottom picture), the oversized power switch is just not visibly appealing to me. Not to mention the more complicated design is just not my style. There are too many curves and the 6 outer AC ports have this weird rounded-edge that I don’t like. In this case, simple is better, and I’m so glad that the PowerExtend 12 Strip (top picture) has a much better design. In my opinion, the PowerExtend 12 Strip (top picture) really matches Anker’s overall design philosophy compared to the PowerPort Strip.

Overall construction is sturdy and strong, yet lightweight. The switch used for the PowerExtend 12 Strip is excellent with a very satisfying click. The strong and sturdy cord is delightfully heavy. The PC casing portion of the PowerExtend 12 Strip is a bit lighter than I’d like it, but the overall construction is very competent. The casing lacks any creaking or flex from cheaper power strips in the market. The casing is definitely strong enough for its intended use. The casing has a great design, from an aesthetic and a functionality perspective. And the casing has a matte-plastic feel that is very nice to touch

I know I’m getting very detailed on a power strip, but as an inspiring reviewer, I have to look into details that other average consumers don’t typically look into.

Plugging any US-based AC plug into the PowerExtend 12 Strip requires some force to plug in or out, but the overall fit and finish of the PowerExtend 12 Strip are really good.

The one thing I do miss with the PowerExtend 12 Strip are the built-in USB ports. Having some USB-A or USB-C ports is better than having nothing. Especially when someone forgets a charging brick. Not to mention, I could use those extra USB ports on lower-powered devices like wireless headphones or earbuds.

Overall, my overall first impressions of the PowerExtend 12 Strip is very positive. The materials used to make the PowerExtend 12 Strip is excellent with strong overall construction to boot. Not to mention the sleek aesthetic design of the PowerExtend 12 Strip. In fact, I plan on using this powerstrip for traveling purposes because of the sleek design (traveling within countries that use 110-125 V electrical standards). Not to mention, this thing should be pretty easy to pack due to its flat design. Plus, the design is good enough to display out of the open rather than trying to hide it in a cable box or under a desk or drawer. Other than the lack of USB ports, I’d highly recommend the PowerExtend 12 Strip.

Updates will be posted here if anything else happens.

And as a request for Anker, please make more products with more braided cables. I always see braided USB cables using USB 2.0 speeds. And as a tech enthusiast, I got both a USB-C to USB-C cable and a USB-A to USB-C cable using USB 3.1 Gen 2 speeds. However, neither of those cables come in a braided option. The cable construction is still very solid, but I still like braided cables. Also, I’d definitely like to see a premium version of the PowerExtend 12 Strip with a braided cable and hopefully some USB ports.

And as the last thing for future readers of this post, I pretty much always highly recommend Anker products because of their product quality, great warranty, amazing customer service, and customer satisfaction. Anker has not paid me or even asked me to say this portion, but it is important to me, as an inspiring reviewer to be upfront with my opinions. Anker has continued to keep my customer loyalty because they actually earned my customer loyalty. Keep making quality products, Anker.

Again, thanks to Anker and their Testing Club for allowing me to have the PowerExtend 12 Strip as a testing sample for free. Now, I personally will enjoy using the PowerExtend 12 Strip!

Again, Anker has not given me any compensation for this review. Anker has no copy approval either. This post only has my opinions and thoughts and some specifications.


Edit: Some spelling corrections


Hands up if you live in a home prone to surges!
Hands up if you’ve experienced surge events where surge protectors saved your kit while non-protected kit got fried!
Hands up if you know any domestic consumer who has ever successfully claimed on one of these multi-thousand dollar surge damage warranties!

Yeah, based on the above response, perhaps just buy a couple of 6-gang strips from Ikea and spend the change on lots of beer.

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Nice detailed review there! From what I know most of the reviewers either mentioned having USB ports in their reviews or agreed in the comment section that having those would be a nice addition. And Anker knows about that as well so hopefully the next version has a couple USB C or at least USB A ports

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Great right up @EPIC_VIC_9511
This seems to be a much loved product.
As @Shivam_Shah mentions it would be nice to have a few dedicated charge ports.


Good review and good stock pictures

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Nice review & thanks for sharing your thoughts on it too.:+1:

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Appreciate your honest review!! :+1::+1:

Will forward this suggestion to our support team :laughing::+1:

And for the USB ports advise, it is a good idea too, but we do actually have other types of strip that have USB ports, like:

:wink: Sometimes diversified choices available for customers in different needs are necessary for us, so we make strips without USB ports once a while.


Good written review.

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