A potential contest for the 757 powerhouse

Ever often I do get on FB (although not much), I tend to get on if I see somebody’s bday in my email or just to stroll through few notification.

Anyways, I was looking at a few post and I saw this from Anker’s account.

So FYI there may be some contest coming for the 757 PowerHouse. If it happens, I hope that some of the active members have a potential chance to win if they try. (Unsure what the potential taxes on that would be if won).


As far I see that Powerhouse is only available in the US.
So all the others would be NOT in that in that game,
Many of the “true regulars” here are from Europe.
Any idea how to solve that problem? :smile:


Whoever wins this would be really lucky

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That would be quite a prize! Can’t wait to see how they do the giveaway!

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With past contest expensive products were limited to only a few winners. I think their marketing team will mostly like send these products to social media influencers and review websites that have a huge following.


We will see some high quality, perfect “unpacker” videos soon. :rofl:

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…or has a great many FB accounts.


Nice setup.

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Lol ya I bet some lurkers here have a bunch of fake fb profiles

Seems like worldwide contest, so likely voucher in kind for value of the prize if not available in your area…

That would make for ALOT of Lumis… :rofl:

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Thank you