A Phone Mount For Car

im looking for a new phone mount, but cant find one. Any recommendation?

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Are they any good?



Not for nothing but it simply amazes me how many people fail to use the search function. Most make post just to Garner points for the power drawing

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depends on how your car is. Some work best than others, depending on the situation.

The one with the magnet from Anker is great ! I have a friend who had it with the power user program. He’s very satisfied with it, and still uses it on a daily basis, after more than a year.

I have both the Vent and Dashboard magnetic mounts and the are both great.

The only thing with the dashboard one it needs a smooth surface ideally to connect with. If you have a textured dashboard I would choose something else. Unless you want to stick it to a window.

You might be able to use an adhesive disc first in the dash, and then use the dashboard mount.

Lots of options available.

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I’ll be getting the magnetic one soon. I’ve always wanted to attach my phone to the mount without using a second hand to grasp it.


or just Poor web design

How is searching a poor Web design? A simple search for phone mounts brings up numerous post and phone mounts that anker has


placement of the search button and Categorizing their product