A new type of mobile the XIAOMI Mi Mix Alpha

Saw this today.
I am not such a mobile user, but this type is really something new.
Both side screen!


Now that’s a slick looking phone. I hope it’s very durable it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to put a case on this phone.


I suppose it could be used to create two different screens.

Good for brokers! :wink:
London, New York and for for Frankfurt another one in the pocket.

But you may glue a protecting glass as usual.

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That’s pretty cool! Although, I’m not sure how practical it would be since you can’t view the entire screen at once…


Looks great.

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A splitted screen is often usefull, when creating two screens or better windows.
But you are right, does this make sense on such a small mobile?

But the idea is great to get in competition with APPLE and SAMSUNG.
My wife, daughter and son use such XIAOMI phones.
No problems reported so far.

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They made it to show proof you can have an all screen phone without any physical buttons. But have you seen the price on this phone? It’s insane coming in at over 2thousand dollars

Great concept and decent specs on the phone, but that price tag is crazy!

Havent take a look at the price Rob.
I was fascinated by the idea!

Phone looks sleek…screens both side… Wow!

i dont like the design of this mobile…

Looks cool & sleek but not certain on the level of usability you would get from the all around screen…

That’s great, to beat samsung fold :innocent:

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I dont know, regarding the price!
Have you checked it?

About $2,800 :sweat_smile:
108 MP Camera :rofl:

here is more info…

That price is ridiculous lol

The price is crazy. I can’t see this as being very useful. I bet its fragile…