A How To Guide to fit different earbud tips on the Liberty Air

So I realize a lot of people have asked if and how they can fit different earbud tips to the liberty air, some prefer comply foam tips and others like myself prefer Hybrid eartips. One of the problems with changing the eartips is you would have to remove them to charge the earbuds, and for many this was too much of a hassle. But now you too can change the earbud tips to one of your choosing and get them to fit and charge your earbuds without having to remove them.

Here they are, these are my hybrid eartips… the first picture shows how the earbuds don’t fit into the case the way it is

The second is a fresh earbud tip next to the one I cut in half to mimick the stock earbud tip. What you have to do is compare and measure them against the stock eartips that do fit, and cut down the central shaft that attaches to the earbud

Once cut, attach them to the earbud, test fit into the case and if all is right the earbud now fits into the case and starts to charge.

Now I have done this with comply foam tips as well, and I like to apologise because I don’t have any pictures to show for these… My son lost them at school.

This method does work for the comply foam tips, but you have to be careful as they sometimes come off easier when you cut down the center part, one way I fixed that was to spray hairspray into the center part and let it dry. Once dry it becomes tacky and holds better so it doesn’t keep coming off, again this all depends on which size and the shape of the comply foam tips you get.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will answer the best I can




The pair I use, is one of the pairs that came as stock with the liberty air. They fit well in the case.

Was I supposed to get foam eartips with my earbuds? Or did people buy them separately?

Thanks for sharing this too nonetheless! I will remember it if I ever need to do this :grin:

Awesome tip @Tank
I was eagerly waiting for a solution. My Liberty Air’s keeps on coming out of ear for no reason.

Great work around :thumbsup:

@TechMan This is for those who want to use earbud tips other than the stock ones, which obviously have to fit.

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Sorry it took so long to post the solution, as I mentioned to you before I had given these to my son and he kept leaving them at school.

Nice to know, thanks for sharing @Tank

I also use the one that came with it, but it’s interesting to see these ideas!

Nice suggestions. I once made my own estriol for headphones using foam earplugs was pretty cool not gonna lie

Any part number for comply tips?

Thank you for the guide! I bought some cheap foam tips from Amazon, and finally decided to give this a try after getting sick and tired of taking the tips off every time I wanted to charge my earbuds. 5 min work with a pair of scissors later, I got perfectly fitting foam tips!

In case anyone is wondering, the foam tips I got are these: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0722LZ66S/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_U_x_UNmwDbRNGX3H1

The foam part is glued to the center rubber cylinder, so you really have to peel it back to get access. Once you do, it is a simple matter of cutting, trying it on the buds and see if they fit in the case, and cutting some more if needed. These are $12 for 6 pairs so I didn’t care of I ruined them by cutting them up. Turned out great! It’s still a squeeze and the foam tips do get crushed a bit by the case, but the lid closes and the earbuds charge well.

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