A few suggestions regarding EufyCam E, Sensor and App

Motion sensing:

Given my experience with motion sensor explained below

and if my assumptions are right, it would be nice is if we had the option to rotate the viewer and change its ratio so we could better visualize the videos resulting from a tilted camera. If the camera is tilted + or – 90 degree we need the viewer to have a 9:16 aspect ratio (instead of 16:9) and the ability to rotate + or – 90 degree

Because of the dead zone I can even imagine situation where flipping the camera 180deg would help, so we would also need that rotation option for the viewers (basically 90/180/270, with aspect ratio change for 90- and 270).

App improvements:

Error tracing log

I do not know if there is a way to generate an error tracing log file.

If not, given some of the instability issues that appear in some situations, it would be nice to have that capability so we could better trace what is going on.

Events page

  • I find annoying that the Events page does not automatically refresh when you open it, nor does it refresh when a new recording is created. You basically systematically have to refresh that page to be sure you are seeing all the recorded events. @AnkerTechnical, can you please fix this :slightly_smiling_face:

  • The event page is also VERY slow at refreshing if you have a lot of new events. Not a huge deal for normal security usage where you should never have tons of new recordings. But would be nice to speed that up.

  • The Events page should also give us access to the Door sensor events.

Door sensors

I did not find a way to clear door sensor events. It would be nice to have


It would be nice to be able to set a different Notification sound for motion detection and for door sensors.


We could may be use different alarm settings (volume but also duration and # of repeats) for the Home base and the Cameras.


The log was also requested almost a year ago, I guarantee it has a debugging log, just needs a customer UI maybe with some messages filtered that we wouldn’t need to know but have the full log available to send with a support request so they actually know what’s happening with the system, unless they have a backdoor into to the system which I think is highly likely but unwanted

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Great recommendations !

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“unless they have a backdoor into to the system which I think is highly likely but unwanted”
You are probably right about that …

It’s things like this, asking for serial number to check their end that made me think that they had a backdoor

Unfortunately if you disconnect the internet they stop recording so you can’t even make it local only & VPN into your home network for notifications & live view

Because of that there’s no way of making this system secure

So this security system misses events & has backdoors, is there anything else that makes this the perfect system?

Let us face it, Every system I know uses the manufacturer servers to send notifications, which means they all have the ability to access your cameras or base station.
So unless you develop your own software to do that, you will be at the mercy of a backdoor.

What I like with systems with a base station like Eufy is that when I am home I can unplug the base station. So whatever access they have will only be when I am not around.

"Unfortunately if you disconnect the internet they stop recording "
From the tests I made on a different account last week, it is not as clear-cut.
I have had various different problems.

  • In one case the SD card became corrupted so there was no recordings (no way to know if that was a bad coincidence).
  • In one case recordings were made normally during the internet disconnection, but the Home base did not come back online without a power cycle
  • In another some recordings were made and others not.

I have sent it all to Anker and they say they are investigating, we shall see if that bears any fruit.

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Normally it’ll record for up to 10 minutes after disconnection
The crashing & requiring reboot happened 90% of the time my internet drops
The SD corrupting I think was a one off, if you are using the SanDisk industrial that was supplied with the system, several people have had issues with it (including me) where it requires formatting regularly & failing to format, eventually failing altogether

Other systems I’ve used & looked at can be used locally

I was wondering about that regarding the SD card, I guess I will pickup a high quality one.

Do you know if it takes SDXC?

Then I will try to do more test to see if I can confirm the 10minutes.

Supports 128gb, I fitted a 64gb