A Few Questions

  1. Is this charger capable of charging the Nintendo Switch at full speed?

  2. Is this a new PowerLine+?

  3. Why is this so darn expensive?

  4. When are we going to see the 60W PD charger advertised at CES (and other USB-C accessories?!)


So it says 18W is telling me

It is USB-PD profile Profile 2, the Anker charger you link is probably trying to say its profile 3 so likely over-kill for the Switch.

I’d say it is so expensive because it is 30W charger, a 30W output battery and people probably keeping its price up by buying it. So if you want it lower cost simply wait. The act of buying it raises its price, the act of the collective to not buy it lowers its price.

Seeing as the Switch is only 18W input one of the 5V 3A output other Powercore will be nearly at full speed and likely adequate. Plenty do that, like the Powercore II 20000. The challenge is the port shape and the cable. I have a 5V 3A USB-C output Powerport 5 and I metered it giving out 2.6A and yet a USB2 3A 5V output port on another charger only metered 2.3A so suspect as the Powercore II is not USB-C may well give about 2.3A 5V - 11.5W so not 18W.

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Yes it will. Although it will eat through battery life pretty fast as I have it and used it recently at work while playing Breath Of The Wild (Awesome game btw) and once the switch gears up the fan during heavy gameplay it burns through the power so fast. With Mario Kart 8 not so much.

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you can compute it.

For flying with (excepting the Powerhouse) all the biggest Powercores are in the 100Wh limit. So at a peak draw of 8.75W (see above link of my source) so a Powercore 26800 produces a minimum of 11 hours of Switch use.

Inside the Switch


So it has inside a 16Wh battery so that means at peak usage the Switch would go flat in 2 hours. So you’re extending the Switch life by roughly a factor of 7 adding a Powercore 26800.

If its 8.75W max draw then if you connect say a 10W output Powecore (they all do apart from the smallest lipstick) it is about to output at least as much as it draws, so practically any Powercore can keep up with the Switch’s draw.

Where a 18W input helps is doing both recharging the internal battery and excess to be using the switch.