A Few Questions - eufyCam 2 pro 2k

have spent the last hour reading the forum and while very helpful, i’ve also found many of the answers/posts to be confusing in that many responses/answers seem to contradict posted solutions… as such i’m hoping a forum poster might be able to help me with the following:


1 x homebase 2
6 x eufycam 2 pro 2k (wireless indoor/outdoor 365-day)

  1. is there a way to use these cameras to monitor live footage, i.e. can the cameras be used to view, in real time, what they’re pointed at?

  2. it appears that there’s still no app for windows available (still pretty shocked, i just assumed a windows app would be available when i purchased these cameras), can i use the web browser to view in real-time without interruption?

  3. once the cameras are synced and mounted, do they need to be re-synced after a power outage?

  4. is there a recommended homebase 2 placement for setups that include both indoor and outdoor cameras? for example, is it better to place the homebase 2 6+ feet off the ground vs 3 feet? near a wall vs away from a wall?

  5. are wifi extenders any help with these cameras?

regarding the lack of a windows application - while i understand that a mobile app might be more than enough for a home setup using a few cameras, it’s not enough for a small business setup (imo) given security cameras are often monitored from an office, using a pc.

thanks in advance.

Give the Eufy-forumners a chance to answer :


  1. Yes, you can view live footage at any point of time using App & Windows portal
  2. Yes, you can use Windows portal to view live footage also if you opt for subscription, you can view recorded events stored in cloud as well.
  3. No, the cameras don’t need to be sync’d again unles there is a system glitch
  4. Just use common sense and same rules as you do for your router.
  5. Cameras use custom wifi, regular wifi extenders will not help camera placements. Homebase can be switched to repeater mode and placed so that it can communicate with all your cameras.

Hope this helps. Go to eufy community for more help.

thank you very much for the very helpful responses!

On #1, you will just want to be aware that viewing the camera live will have the batteries drain quicker.

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even if it’s not recording?

thank you, have done!

Yes. It conserves battery power by not recording unless it detects motion. Watching it live removes that benefit.

so when watching live footage the camera defaults to recording mode? i’m interested in watching live footage with recording disabled during am hours, but you’re saying this will have the same toll on the battery as when recording?

Yep same battery usage