A-B speaker comparison website

Here’s a very useful link for a website that does speaker sound comparisons (you can hear directly, A-B comparison) between many various speakers with lots of Anker models included.

He basically records different types of audio tracks using the various speakers from two different distance points (microphone to speaker) at two different volume levels under the same recording conditions. The website then allows you to select from the different speakers (two at a time) and hear a direct A-B comparison between the two. I found it very interesting to hear the subtle differences between the models (the Anker/Soundcore model were of special interest of course).



For comparing earphones/headphones here is another site. Comparison can be freq response, noise cancellation, leakage, etc.
Very useful to compare the specs. Many Anker earbuds are there.


Definitely useful info here.

Useful info!

Awesome site just added it to my favorites. Thanks for sharing


Interesting! I want to know how they get the audio sound from different model? Is it trustworthy?

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I want to know how they get the audio sound from different model? Is it trustworthy?[/quote]
As I see it, the sound files used are select pre-recorded audio tracks. The same audio tracks are played on the same source device in the tests so that aspect remains consistent. The source device feeds the exact same audio to the speakers. The microphones used are also consistent in placement when the speaker’s output is recorded. What you hear is the actual performance of the selected speaker(s) using the same audio, recorded with the same conditions as all of the other speakers.

In my opinion, a very good indication of how the speaker actually sounds when you listen to it and not just some generated test tones.

Yep I followed this persons YouTube channel for quite some time a very pro reviewer!

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