Wow this site has changed, for the good! I just realized that I have 999 likes! someone please hit me up :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Long time since I have contributed but since I won the last power draw I felt the need to say a few words. Thank you Anker and the community for all the past love… I already got my prize, less than 48 hours after submitting my info. Pretty awesome for a Canadian address during uncertain times. Hope you are all doing great. I am enjoying life and still share my fondness of Anker on a regular basis. My soundcore boost plays every weekend at the campsite This photo was from this past winter


Welcome back, @bobbleheaderman!

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Boom, 1000th like.


Glad you’re well Mike.

Enjoy your prize.

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This photo reminds me of a serial memes about Canadian weather.
Like 10℃ for Canadians: Aha, summer time!
0℃: It’s fall! Let’s have some s’more!
-10℃: Comfortable temperature.
-20℃: Good for a thin hoodie.
-30℃: Here we are! Winter has just come!

No offense, but this is just so cute :joy::joy:


Mike’s in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

That’s deep into a continent, so the humidity is lower. Water vapour increases conductivity, it turns a strong insulator into a strong conductor.

So humidity alters how cold and heat transmit. A dry cold is warmer than a humid cold.

Flip it the other way around, a Texan 100F (near humid gulf) feels worse than say a Phoenix 100F (further inland). I’ve experienced both.

Sorry Mike, not been to Alberta, I passed through Ontario, Quebec (ugh, French), New Brunswick and Nova Scotia last year.

Been to Calgary and Nova Scotia in the past as well.
Really miss the gas price in Calgary and the lobster price in Halifax :joy::joy:


Back when we could nip across borders and spend months moving.

Glad to see you around again @bobbleheaderman and congrats on your win :+1:

What a interesting construction is that reflector wall behind you! :smiley:
I know it works.
But never seen such a huge wall.

Sometimes those reflectors mats are installed behind wall heaters here.


Here is another one for your friend!
Now we are into 30 C in Ontario, missing winter. :sweat:

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Nothing like popping the 1000th cherry lol

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It’s so true. The fire was rippen for about two hours and the snow around the bricks was still there… Notice the insulation panels surrounding me, truly a northern climate idea to enjoy the outdoors for more than 4 months a year.

you are so right. I am glad we don’t have the humidity with the cold, instead we need chapstick and hand cream to keep our skin from breaking :rofl:. . I know its cold when the shocks in my car stop working… We maybe get -30 or colder for about 5 days a winter, that’s celcius which is probably about the same in Fahrenheit. The rest of the winter is closer to -10c

I Love Nova Scotia!!!

Thanks old Friend!

They are used for house wrap. They are a wonderful thing when it’s cold and the wind starts to blow. We just reinforced them with duct tape.


I not been to Calgary, but I spent a winter once in Minneapolis. I learned to not smile.

Elbows suffer too.

And when I said I know you had a tough time, I meant I’d noticed you not been here for a while and checked your Thitter feed and saw the last few months. Nice house!


I wonder why Google never drives past in winter!