90’s Nostalgia! | What Were Your Favorite Toys?

With my peer group now hitting their stride in adulthood, the 90s have replaced the 80s as the nostalgic decade of choice. Whether it’s revivals of beloved shows or 16-bit graphics in indie video games, reminders of the 90s are everywhere.

But sometimes, you have to do a little digging to trigger a memory. As a 90s kid, I recall…

Ahh yes, who could forget the summer days spent trying to blast your friends with the most intense-looking water guns you could get your hands on, foisted upon us thanks to some of the most overdramatic commercials on TV.

How many of these did you own? With the most popular brand names being Tamagotchi and Giga Pets, these critters invaded our lives in a whirlwind fad of the late 90s.

In these days of high-tech video games and round-the-clock social connectivity, it’s difficult to imagine the appeal of carrying around a bunch of tiny virtual pets, walking to “exercise” them and power them up, and bonding with strangers over your collection.

Hey, wait a minute…

Speaking of critters, we would be remiss talking about 90s nostalgia without mentioning Beanie Babies. These collectible toys could be found in almost every convenience, grocery, or department store in your town. The weirdest part was, everyone was somehow convinced that if they bought the right creatures, from the correct series, and left them in their original packaging, they would someday be worth a lot of money.

There are still people with massive collections of Beanie Babies to this day. Some even went to get their collections appraised, and find out whether or not that big Beanie Baby payday is finally here!

What toys do YOU remember from your childhood? Whether you’re a 90s kid or from a different decade, we’d love for you to share some memories with us.


Although I had a GameBoy, I still enjoyed playing these simple LCD games. This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game was tough!


I use to have tamagotchi, and I actually still have the dino one my mom brought me when I was 8 or 9. Its packed away in storage atm, but whenever I come across it I play it for a week or two and when my dino does away it goes back into storage.

My fav game to play though was this right here, Paperboy

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After so many years there are no more toys around.
But I remember one I liked so much:
The Porsche Distler.
I was very proud to have such one those times.
Remote steerable by a flexible shaft and incredible:
2 front and one reverse gear.
And really funny : a ignition key as well.
All mechanical.


For me it was my Action Man Duke. I have many fond memories with him :slight_smile:


My 90s toys were … Nokias!

I had toys in the 70s, when I was a child.

90s, I was working hard n destroying my body doing labouring… Lifting a 14ft RSJ (steel joist), building challets for a holiday park, restoring mobile homes and connecting to the mains (electrics, gas, water, sewage). It was while working on the mobile homes, that I first severely damaged my back … I was underneath them making the connections, when the jack supporting the homes, slipped n squashed me. However, as at the time, I was big n strong, I sort of squatted n lifted it up, to escape.

6 months later I was involved in a.major crash with the side of a lorry, as the car I was in went underneath n bounced back out … The cab was on their side, but the trailer was hiding across our side, so couldn’t see it in the dark.

I was taken to hospital by ambulance from the roadside, and told I had spinal damage.

Now 30 years laters, the damage is worse … Oops

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The 90s were high school and college for me, and I lost many games of Mortal Kombat and Madden on the Sega Genesis in the dorms. One of my roommates would also play NBA Jam in to the wee hours of the morning while I was trying to sleep.

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In Brazil we had a Simon knockoff named Genius, made by a Brazilian company called Estrela. I played it a lot with my brothers.

I also loved assembling Revell models. The one I cherished the most was the F-14 - I loved the wings:

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I wasn’t alive yet :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: make you feel old?

I remember looking forward at my tenth birthday in 1979, and thinking… I can’t wait for the year 2000, cos they’ll be robots and flying cars. I’ll be 31 and a fully grown adult.

Can’t remember what job I wanted, but I did fancy military jobs lots when younger. … I.did past the entrance exam for military life, but they said I didn’t have the mentality they wanted… Hehehe :crazy_face::exploding_head::crazy_face:

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Hah, that’s great

This hard for me. I really didn’t have much back then. I was already in high school. My favorites were computer gamesm Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and my Dreamcast gaming systems.

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Those foam airplane kits


I wasn’t big on video games when i was the only child up until i had a to share my toys with brother but my favorite toys were g.i-joe and transformers and after brother was born we both got a game boy my favorite game was all the Mario game buy the one i would always play was Super Mario bros 3 i was so sad when i had to give away my game boy with all my games cause i was “too old to play video games “

Tamagotchi! Giga Pets! Beanie babies! So much nostalgia!

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