90 degree USB C to Lightning 6ft Cable

Mrs O has continued her relentless task of destroying every cable I ever provide her with. I have been buying some other brand 90 degree cables for a few months and the last one lasted 6 months with was great for £9.

I randomly checked Amazon to see if Anker had finally made a 6ft version and to my surprise THEY HAD :slight_smile:

It’s just arrived and I’m loving the look and feel. Love the textured connectors and new colour on the box. Let’s see how long it will last.


Nice, I didn’t realize they had a 6ft version. I wonder if they have a braided one of this as well. Thanks for sharing and including picks. Hope your new cable lives a little longer

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Hope this will last a little bit longer.
Otherwise you have to deduct Mrs. O a little bit from the housekeeping money! :laughing:

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It may be worthy to get a cable with a lifetime warranty lol

That’s what I’ve been waiting for :slight_smile:

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I would prefer an Anker Powerline III Flow, USB C to Right Angle USB C Cable. In 1 foot, 2 foot, 3 foot and 6 foot lengths @AnkerOfficial

I’d also like to see multi-port USB-C chargers (with one USB-A port) that support PPS for Super Fast Charging Samsung phones.

3months in and surviving well :rofl: