81% off QC 3.0 on Amazon US today

Good deal today on a QC 3.0:


Hmm, that seems a bit shady. Like they bumped the MSRP just so they could claim a higher % off. There are plenty of variants of Anker Quick Chargers and they usually sell for $10-30 at full price. Never seen one for $60 before.


I mean, the white version - which isn’t on sale - sells for $15.99. So, $11.24 is still a 30% discount off that which is pretty decent but certainly, 81% off makes it sound like a much better deal than it is.

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Yeah. I can’t imagine anyone paying $60 for this product. Anker actually does that a lot, and it’s pretty annoying. They will list something at an outrageous price then drop it to make it look like a deal. :confused:

I’ve actually seen this a few times with Anker. Kinda disappointing I’d say.

I have this extension on chrome called Honey and it helps you find the best deal. Part of that is a graph of price changes and you can’t see the price go up at all but as a result of the sale you do spend less money regardless.


Actually, a very high percentage of Anker’s products are like this… at least in the US, that is. Yes, it’s deceiving and unfortunate but can be easily overcome if you apply common sense. Of course, Anker isn’t the only one that does these types of marketing tricks.

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Msrp has to be the most shady process ever. Invicta watches always come to mind, msrp of 1500 never sells over 150 lol. Amazon falls into this trap a lot.

Anker has this community, folks like you who know when a price is unreasonably high and we know a good deal when it appears.

I wonder if Anker realizes the funding of this community is likely lowering average prices? We broadcast discount codes.


Have the same item. It’s amazing :raised_hands::clap:

I can’t beat your 81% discount but I did notice Powerpoint+1 is still on sale for $9.99 code still works for me on Amazon…

Maybe lowering average price but likely increase sales volume. For production flow volume can matter much more than margin.

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I’ve often told retailers, that money in the till is better than on the shelf!

So, if lowering the price means larger sales, meaning less on shelf n.more in the til. So if a few quid/bucks less, but sales are high, then overall profits are higher too.

Or … Apple, make it cheap sell it extra high and tell them they need it to be old tech, cos that’s better and if it goes baa, even better! lol

I’d also recommend camelcamelcamel - they track amazon prices over time as well.

That is in general not true.

What phone do you have? lol

Me? OnePlus3T shipped from China. They are getting more expensive and less value for money so likely go with other brand next time. Have good experience with Moto. If you buy a cheap popular phone then XDA is your friend for unlocking and using a ROM which is supported (LineageOS)