7-in-2 Anker USB C Hub for MacBook - Review

No More Dongles Needed!

Anyone who owns a MacBook Pro (2016 & newer) or a MacBook Air (2018 & newer) knows the struggle of finding the right dongle for their need at the time. I have been testing the new USB C Hub from Anker and I was pretty impressed.

I was one of the early adopters of the MacBook Pro after Apple decided to get rid of all the ports and switched over to the USB C ports. That meant I had to buy different dongles: one for my HDMI cable, one dongle to convert from USB C to A, another one to connect to my portable HDD.

The *7-in-2 Anker USB C Hub* is a great all in one tool that I was excited to try. I have used the HyperDrive hub that I supported through Kickstarter and although that has treated me well, it had its own set of quirks.


This hub plugs in to the MacBook Pro using both of the USB C ports on the laptop. Once plugged in it has the following 7 ports:


2x USB A 3.0 Ports

Thunderbolt 3 USB C Port

USB C Data Port

SD Memory Card Slot

MicroSD Memory Slot

It is compatible with MacBook Pros - 2016 & newer and also with MacBook Airs - 2018 & 2019.


Comparing directly to the HyperDrive hub, Anker is heavier. But with that weight comes stability and sturdiness. When I would unplug a USB from the HyperDrive it was easy to pull the entire hub out of the laptop. I found that the Anker Hub was more likely to stay attached to the laptop and couldn’t be easily pulled out when plugging and unplugging different devices.

The Anker Hub is slightly longer than the HyperDrive hub, which gives you ample space between each port. That way there is no struggling to fit multiple flash drives in at 1 time!

The finish on the Anker Hub is great as well! I can be pretty clumsy at times and I have dropped the Anker hub a few times on concrete already and it withstood those drops pretty well. Of course it sustained some scratches on the edges, but the hub still functions as it should.

Overall Experience:

This hub is ideal for the person who has the tendency of using multiple peripheral devices at once. Using the hub avoids the annoyances of unplugging different devices or the need for different dongles.
This hub also comes with a great feeling, multi-pocket carrying case, making it easy and secure to travel with in your bag.

The Anker hub has easily replaced my older hub and has continued to make my everyday work life a little bit easier.

360 View of Anker USB C Hub


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Good review and comparison

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