7 Hidden iPhone Camera Features That Every Photographer Should Use

This might seem crazy, but it turns out the most important iPhone camera features are completely hidden from casual iPhone users. This article teaches you 7 hidden iPhone camera features that every photographer should use.

1. Swipe Left to Open Camera App

The best shots often only last for a split second. If you miss the opportunity, you might never be able to recreate it. So it’s critical that you know how to open the iPhone Camera App quickly. The easiest way is to simply wake your iPhone up, and swipe your finger across the lock screen from right to left to open the Camera App.

2. Set The Focus Yourself

Use your finger and tap the screen to set the focus yourself. If you don’t do this you are leaving the focus on your photos up to chance.

3. Adjust Exposure Manually

Tap your finger on the screen and swipe your finger up or down to adjust exposure.

4.Lock Focus & Exposure

Tap and hold your finger on the screen for a couple of seconds until you see the letters “AE/AF LOCK”. Now, no matter whatever happens in the scene, both the focus and exposure will remain unchanged.

5.Use Burst Mode

Using burst mode ensures that you can capture the exact moment you want and choose the best photos to save.

6.Take Photos with Volume Buttons

7.Taking Photos with Headphones

If you want to take photos unnoticed…… These are really useful!

Reference: 7 Hidden iPhone Camera Features That Every Photographer Should Use


These are great tips… although I already knew it. Using headphones to take a picture is a great tip because it will reduce camera shake. Just lean your phone on something and hit the volume button on your headphones to take a nice steady shot. :slight_smile:


Ooh, never thought to use my headphones to take a descent picture. Good to know

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I’m always looking for photography tips, so thank you. I tend to forget about the focus lock features, and even though I don’t use the iOS camera app (I prefer ProCam), this reminds me to play around & take pictures more often.

another protip for the more advanced users: iPhones can shoot in RAW as well now. You can use the lightroom mobile app, or some other 3rd party apps as well to shoot RAW files which will give you a lot more flexibility in post!

Most of the recent android phones also have this ability, so if you have it and you like editing pics to bring the most out of them, definitely try it out


Thanks for the tips!

I love hidden secretes. Thank you for letting us know.

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@Mark_Dunsmore Have you tried the Camera+ app? It has a lot of pro features that the iOS camera app lacks.


Simple tips that everyone knows but for those who dont know, it’ll be very useful

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Now you can have a nice selfie!:smile:

I also don’t know focus lock features, until I saw this video.:joy:

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Thanks for sharing this information!! I definitely will try this recently!:grinning:

Really great tips! thanks @AnkerOfficial :smiley:

Great tips! The headphones trick also works with Anker’s Bluetooth headphones. :wink:

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I think I gave Camera+ a try and preferred ProCam. It was a while ago, though, so I may look at it again.

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I have Camera+ and ProCamera but definitely use the latter the most. I love the HDR and low light features on ProCamera and have been getting great results time and time again on my iPhone 7 :grin:

Good tips but I already know all of them.

But you forgot the most important tip:

go to settings -> camera and there record video to change the quality :slight_smile:

this is one of the worst things in IOS. But we all have to live with it


Thanks! I totally forgot that you can do that. LOL…

Some of the tips I already knew, but often forget to use it.

Thanks a lot !