6FT USB C to Lightning

I was just curious when there will might be a 6 foot of the Anker USB to lightning cable.

We may see one later this year. Since it’s a new product, anker is just testing the market. As long as it goes well, I would expect to see some variations later this year.

Such as

  1. Braided
  2. Various lengths
  3. Different colors


Already announced (PowerLine+ II)[quote=“Anjou1888, post:2, topic:68330”]
Various lengths
Already announced (3ft & 6ft)[quote=“Anjou1888, post:2, topic:68330”]
Different colors
Already announced (Black, Red, Silver, White)


:ok_hand:t2:awesome consolidation of information in one place!

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Boom! So I was right :joy:

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Damn must’ve missed that. Will give it a look on amazon when I find some deals

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Well that was fast! :joy:

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That would be a good cable, for when I charge my Switch. I am using the USB C to USB C right now.

YES Finally!

It sounded like it would be out in March, I’m still eagerly waiting. I have the charger sitting in a box waiting for this cable.