6700 Stops Flashing but not Fully Charged [Brand New]

I just got an Anker 6700 today. It came with ‘2 dots’ of power. I plugged it in and two lights remained lit whilst the rest light up in turn.

I assumed from the instructions that the lights would stop flashing once the powerbank was fully charged. They did stop flashing, no dots lit up. But when I press the button there are only three dots lit.

I repeated the process and the same thing happened. Initially flashed but after some time, when the dots were no longer lit, I press the button and the device showed 4 dots lit.

  • Do the lights remain lit constantly whilst charging?
  • I am using an older iPhone 6 USB wall socket to charge, could that be the issue? I read that it was lower power but that it would charge the powerbank, it would just take longer.
  • I also have a MacBook Pro charger, can I use that to charge the device instead? I assume it will only pull the required power.

Thanks in advance.

While recharging itself, the remaining power of the LED indicators will light steadily; while the next charging LED indicator will flash. And they will turn off when the PowerCore is fully charged.

An iPhone 6 is good for the battery. Please try another known working cable to see if it helps.

A MacBook Pro charger would work as well if you have a proper cable.

If the problem remains, please reach Anker Customer Support at support@anker.com for further help.