60W Atom PD2 review! (PowerPort Atom PD 2)

Hey everyone,
I am a fan of Anker products but this little charger took me by surprise. I have never been able to charge my Samsung S9+ and my HP X440 laptop at the same. Using USB-C is fantastic. After using this device for about a week, I brought it up to my tech team at work, looks like we are rolling some of these devices out to the company for their HP laptops! the Atom charges both devices at a great speed. The device is smaller than the OEM charger for my HP laptop. Really can’t wait to get more of these out there in the work environment. I had a few co-workers charge their iPhones with it as well, they were impressed with the charging speed. I cannot wait to see what else Anker comes up with for charging devices. It is crazy how many charging devices that I own and yet I still want more!

Anker hit it out of the park with this device!
(I apologize was this really late review, had some major family issues to attend to)


Picture looks very nice :+1:. Any chance we can get some example charge times?

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Sure, let me poll my users :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing!

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Nice review and photos! :ok_hand:t4::clap:

great review :thumbsup:

Ok so these numbers are ALL over the board for charging times. I didn’t hand out a cable for a for team members to use. I am wondering if the cables really impacted charging speeds. I’m assuming it did. Will be ordering a few more anker cables for the office for everyone to use.

nice review