6 month battery is down to 8% in just three weeks, please advise

Power settings are set to “most efficient”. The camera is at my front door and has minimal traffic, and I need the notification settings as is. I attached a solar panel to the unit and it’s not making enough of a change. Please advise if Eufy products are suitable for front door applications or if I should look to return the item.


If the camera is constantly being triggered to record events the battery will go low. And if your solar panel isn’t putting out adequate charge then you may want to check your wiring or that the solar panel is working properly.

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The solar panel is connected and shows charging but probably not adequate sunlight this time of year. This camera is over the front door, with what I would describe as mild activity for a front door in a gated house (so no streets, cars, or anyone other than myself and one other walking in and out several times per day.