6 in 1 power hub rejects drive when I turn power on

Just got the new power hub.I have a 2 port Mac air and I need to get 2 SSD drives and power when I backup large file collection. Things are going well, then I see the Mac battery os down to 20% so I turn on the power (Anker power hub with switchable PD port). I get a 'the SSD was removed without ejecting). I have concluded the power off to on must cause a glitch in the circuits that the Samsung T7 drive thinks it was removed.

I expect better for a 45$ hub. The whole purchase was to get 2 SSDs attached at the same time and still be able to charge the batter (during large 'ie250GB) backups.
I assume I am ding southing wrong or I have a faulty hub.

What can I do.

What power plug are you using to power this up and with its pass through charging to macbook? If your power plug only provides enough power for your MacBook that would be why the hard drives power themselves down as all available power is being sent to the MacBook. If you want to power additional devices then you would need a charger capable of outputing more than the required power of the MacBook

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