525 charging station teardown



This is really a very useful teardown.
Not horrible destruction for NOTHING as usually.

This fellow knows what he does and he is an expert.
Everything explained!

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Really nice tear down find always really cool and useful to see

Love, LOVE seeing teardowns and reverse engineering like this. When there’s a good brand like Anker, sometimes it’s really fun to figure out the design process and see what throught went into each component.

Interesting to see so many heat sink/temperature control methods in place! I know it’s a big factor into charging efficiency, but giving thought and effort into that isn’t something that a lot of brands do.

One thing I’d like to see a bit more focus on in terms of surge protector design is the clamping voltage. Advertising a large amount of “Joules of protection” can be somewhat misleading if it won’t clamp below 500v. The 470v here isn’t too bad, but having closer to 330v protection across all three legs (L-N, L-G, N-G) could make it very appealing for sensitive devices/audio equipment.


Yes, I agree.
Often such “teardowns” are worth for nothing.
Only destroying the device without any information.

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There’s a lot you can do in your home to protect against surges.

  • unplug it! If not plugged in then can’t be surged
  • place at the end of extension cords connected to a surge protector. A rapidly changing current induces in wires an opposing effect. Lenz’s Law.
  • Use Anker USB chargers, they protect themselves and… if it’s fried, you buy a new USB charger.
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Best protection! :
Don’t use any electrical device! :smile:

Of course! That makes total sense for everyday use. Specifically for sensitive Audio/Visual applications, sometimes a bit extra EMF protection and constant “keep the voltage below this threshold” is nice to have too.

Maybe Anker could have two lines of power strip/surge protections stuff: everyday (maybe with PD/usb output or optimized for travel) and professional (more complete protection, ideal for home/office setups).

Love all the power strips Anker has released so far! Would love to see more in the future.