$50 off the all-new eufyCam 2

Hey eufy fans,

The wait is finally over! eufyCam 2 has arrived and it’s here to improve your home security like never before! With a sleek new design and upgraded specs across the board, eufy ushers in the next generation of eufyCam in style.

We spoke to real eufyCam and eufyCam E users to find out the areas in which they wanted to see improvement. Our security sorcerers have spent the last 18 months fine-tuning every detail to ensure that the eufyCam 2 offers even greater protection to your home.

One of the features we are most excited by is the Apple HomeKit connectivity. eufyCam 2 is one of the first devices on the market to support Apple’s new smart home system. Use your iPhone and ask Siri to jump to the live-stream of your eufyCam 2, wherever you are. Improve your security and make checking up on home as simple as asking “hey Siri, show me my backyard”.

The features don’t stop there! eufyCam 2 also boasts -

  • 1080p live-streaming and recording
  • 365-day battery life from a single charge
  • Smart image enhancement for easier human identification
  • Improved night vision with advanced Sony sensor
  • Repeater mode for increased signal range
  • Plus many more!

We are proud to announce that eufyCam 2 is now available on bestbuy.com at the exclusive price of $299.99. This deal is valid until January 5th, 2020. So act now and don’t miss out on this $50 saving!

*HomeKit will be available via update at a later date

Kind regards,

eufy Security team


The first batch of goods has been sold out, the next batch of goods will arrive in a few days later.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


very nice guys. I am wondering if this is the the system that was out on a survey back in August of this year where existing Eufy Camera users could be Beta testers

@AnkerOfficial these cameras are extremely expensive. I can get cameras like these with similar features, for much less.

I can’t see myself buying these ever.


@Ankerofficial Thanks for the update on the EufyCam :+1:t2:

It’s the homekit support. It’s a very expensive buy-in for a pretty useless feature. Lookup other security camera’s that have homekit support and you’ll see similar pricing.

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These look like they are going to be great! I’m excited to try them

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Hi @AnkerOfficial

Will the V1 EufyCam connect to this new base station or do I have to replace ALL of my cameras too?

Shortsighted if your V1 camera isn’t supported.


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Hi @Shane7

Of course, V1 and V2 can be used interchangeably.


Good to know v1 cameras can work with the updated Homebase…could have been quite a headache for yourselves there @AnkerTechnical :cold_sweat:


Yes, thank you for your attention :grinning:

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eufyCam 2 is a system that provides a better experience with more affordable price. Not only HomeKit support, but also one year battery life, stronger AI performance, better night vision quality with Sony Starvis sensor, no monthly fee and local storage to protect your privacy. Compared with mainstream battery camera brands, our products are definitely more cost-effective.:relaxed:


They main and serious question is, if eufycam 2 will be available alone (as add-on cam) and will fully-featured work with the original homebase (1) ?!

Huh?! :thinking: eufycam 2 looks exactly like the original eufy cam 1 - where please is the new design?!

Does this mean every eufy cam 2 is its own range extender?!

That, I highly doubt my friend…based on a previous post about details in the app… @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical can you confirm?

If so … where is the massive discount for the eufy cam 1 kickstarter backers and eufy cam 1 owners who now gets f***** by eufy because we have paid a bunsh of money, not even 1 year after eufy cam 1 / homebase 1 has been released?!!!

The called price is completely indiscutable and not at all competitive. :dizzy_face:
Like @TechMan already said correctly.

When the next batch arrives to BestBuy, will the free camera be part of the deal still or is that no longer a part of it?

I’m currently waiting to buy the cameras but if the deal has ended with the free camera, I can purchase them elsewhere.

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Angry bunch in here… :sweat_smile: I’m receiving my EufyCam 2’s tonight, and will report back. I’m interested in the new sensor and Homekit compatibility*, and will test those first. I will also try to pair my parents’ EufyCam E to the new home base and see how/if it works this weekend.

All that said, compare even 2 of these EufyCam 2 cameras to nearly any competing model:

  • Logitech Circle 2 ($304 for 2 1080p cameras, with Homekit)
  • Arlo Pro 2 ($399 for 2 1080p cameras, with Homekit)
  • Nest Cam Outdoor ($298 for 2 1080p cameras, no Homekit)
  • Blink XT2 ($179 for 2 1080p cameras, no Homekit)
    etc. Prices in MSRP or from Amazon as available.

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m quite fond of Apple’s ecosystem and Homekit is worth the slight (~15%) premium versus competitors.

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I really wanted HomeKit support when I backed this project on Kickstarter. Now it is available with the new generation eufycam.
But, I’m stuck with the original eifycam that is not compatible with HomeKit.
Can you replace my Homebase @AnkerOfficial ?

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Reading some interesting comments in this thread. I hope a lot of the confusion some are having is cleared up as customers start receiving their cameras. I do hope some of these features work for the original homebase users.

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