50% 4K Fire Stick

If you go on Amazon now, it is Tuesday February 4th @10:20pm EST, go to 4K Fire Stick with Remote, should be listed as $49.99, put in the code 4kfiretv, you can get it for $26.99. Really random find but since it’s electronics and half off I had to post this. Cheers! No idea how long it lasts for…


Awesome deal! I might go for it, but I can’t get good enough internet in my area to stream 4k

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Same, also I’m not sure my TV can handle it

That too. I’m still rocking a 1080p tv lol

Nice deal. I already got a firestick but not sure if it’s 4k lol

Don’t think mine can handle it either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the heads up with it, just ordered one now.


Really?! Nice. Yay should install Honey as a browser extension. It does a ton. Not only does it try like 40 different codes at checkout (on amazon at least) but it works on a lot of sites, like how Raukuten does. Anyway you can also save things to a drop list and get an email when the price drops, it compares that site’s price to everywhere else that it can find that sells that product and tells you if there is a lower price and it gives you a price history so you know if you are getting, just missed a good deal. Then if you missed it, and to your droplist and wait lol.

Great deal, i have one of these and can recommend it.

Nice price @SlyBandit247 …however please try to keep posts for the ‘deals’ sections limited to products from (or related to) Anker & it’s sub brands :slightly_smiling_face:


nice discount! :ok_hand:

I often download offline at higher resolution than Internet can real time stream and then watch. That avoids jitters. I don’t own anything which can benefit from 4k though, highest resolution device I have is 2K.

But then I’m a geek.

I know lol. But this was too good to pass up. I knew people here would like it too. If it were for like shoes or something completely unrelated then I wouldn’t put it out there.

Thanks - that’s a good deal