5 Things Android Did Before iPhone X

There’s no question that the iPhone was the first device to reinvent the smartphone market. Every non-Apple touchscreen smartphone since the first iPhone has been a variation on original themes. However, there are several features iPhone has today that started out on Android first.

1.Bezel-less screen

  • Sharp Aquos Cristal - 2014

2.QI wireless charging

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 - 2015

  • Google Nexus 4 - 2012

3.Facial recognition

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - 2016

4. Augmented reality

  • ASUS ZENFONE AR - 2017

  • Lenove Phab 2 Pro - 2016

5.Selfie Portrait Mode

  • Gionne A1 - 2017

  • Huawei P10 - 2017

Of course, it’s how well these features work that counts. So, have you ever used any of these phones mentioned above? Can you share with us how well these functions actually work?


Only 5? :smile: Funny how many think Samsung copy Apple, when quite a few elements of the iPhone have been, shall we say ‘re-invented’, from Android or other phones :laughing:

Can’t say I’ve used any of the phones as I used Sony handsets (which weren’t trendsetters) before switching to iPhone in 2015 (due to Android rage). If i returned to Android it would most likely be a Samsung / Huawei…


Every phone company wants to stand out and tries to reinvent itself out on the market. It just so happens that apple company copies these and puts them in their phone.


Yes, Apple is undoubtedly the follower of android based phones. However, the implementation is very important.

  1. That phone look beautiful, however, the position of the camera is awkward and I don’t know if the speaker works as intended. It’s also not for sale worldwide as well. Too bad. I think the iPhone X screen is quite hard to adapt as well because the corner is round and there’s missing piece for the speaker and sensors.

  2. Wireless charging is quite slow, as well as you need to position the device to the right spot in order to use it. Sometime, you cannot use it with a case.

  3. That facial recognition used the normal camera to map out feature of your face (I think this is what android have been able to do for a long time) and that’s very unsecured. Apple has a set of sensors for this, not just regular camera (samsung did have that set of sensors too, more or less, but decided only use it for iris recognition). Apple implementation can unlock phone while rest on table, in the dark, doesn’t have to raise to face level, but all of this need review though.

  4. I used to play with AR in my iPhone 4, in that early stage, it can only do so basic thing. I don’t know what the other two phone can do, but what apple demo on stage is pretty cool. I’m pretty sure the capacity of other phones is great as well, but without support from android, there’s little incentive to do AR content like games.

  5. This is purely software implementation. In this area even apple is doing quite bad (blurred out hair).

  6. I wonder how fast they allow the iPhone X to charge. However, the USB-C to Lightning cable is currently produced only by apple and their cable tend to have its cover damaged in 2 years. QC3 - 18W, QC4 - 28W, QC4+ - ?W but not many phone have fast charge higher than QC2.

Really need anandtech review to give any comment on iPhone X.

Bad implementation leave bitter taste in your mouth, good implementation without publicity will get you nowhere as well. That’s why many people think the tech is implemented first by Apple. They have the publicity they need, and they do it right (most of the time, I still think their iPhone 7 line should not be released).


It’s funny to see the Asus zenphone Ar as I was just looking at that phone last night to replace my Motorola Moto X pure. Sadly cost is a big issue for me so I have to either keep my phone or get a mid range phone.

But I have used a few of these phones, even if it was just to test the features out. The sharp phone screen was amazing, being able to see so much while other phones had huge bezels was amazing. Sadly mine was only a test device so I had to give it back.
Similar with the Samsung note 7, facial recognition worked better than I thought. But it was prone to issues because I wear glasses or contacts. 1 issue was when I wore color contacts it wouldn’t register even though my face is the same, alternative it could be easily defeated with a photo. I ended up using a passcode until I had to send it back, also for testing purposes


I remember before the first iPhone came out, I really wanted to get my hands on the LG Prada phone. This phone was exclusively in Europe and Korea, not in US. This touchscreen phone also had a stylus in which you can write with your stylus and it would turn it into digital words. Really Really Really wanted it.

Apple did change the game of the smartphone industry but mainly because of how they implemented the App Store, NOT how they came out with touch phones.


Definitely an apple fan here and have been since we changed our home pc to the iMac with the tilting screen. I’m no expert on android and have had little use but I can safely say which one I prefer.
Everything copies everything these days and it’s hard to know what is an original idea, so who does that first doesn’t really bother me. I know Apple are pricey as hell, but I’ll be sticking with them and I know I can’t have all the stuff they sell or have to wait a year or so to upgrade certain items but I’m ok with that.
iPhone X…a little steep in price for a phone and a step too far really. I’ve heard other European countries will have it priced even higher than the uk. It will be interesting to see how well they sell compared to the 8. I’ve not really read much about them all so reserve judgment on tech specs etc. I think I’ll just be upgrading to iOS 11 for the time being! Would love a new iPhone but a new iOS will do for now I suppose!


Apple decided to keep the price the same across US and Europe…in a way that screws UK especially.

$999 in US and 999 pounds in UK, not converted. Dont know why this happened but this happened, and people in UK will be forced to pay much more.

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1st is not always best,


Yeah I think I read Germany and some place else it’s even more expensive. Once upon a time it was a laptop or desktop computer which could set you back £1000 now it’s a phone!

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Steeper than usual but not entirely unheard of the us brits to have to pay higher. No doubt someone will drop Brexit as the cause even though we’ve been paying higher way before that :smile:


It really doesn’t matter who goes first. It’s who can do it the best that wins every time for me. You can’t beat quality and I haven’t seen any iPhones being recalled :yum:


This is great. I love this.

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Would it be more efficient to have the shorter list of things Apple did first? Err…


its funny how you put the phone and year it was introduced lol

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iPhones have silently been recalled for various issues in the past. But that’s neither here nor there.

Technology wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for innovation and building off other ideas.

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Well that makes me think about an old quote “Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal”. Apple for year have been innovators but as of lately they are stealing others ideas rather it be Android or the Jailbreak Community.


I was really expecting Apple to do this with wireless charging. They must have a pretty strong relationship with Qi.

My mom has the Galaxy Note5, but we have not tried the wireless charging feature yet.