5 New Products You Didn't Already Know Were Coming | eufy Cordless Electric Mop and More!

While #AnkerOnBoard was exciting for some, if you’ve been keeping up with the latest Anker news this year, you already knew about almost everything that was announced today, so here are 5 products that you didn’t see coming…

#Anker PowerDrive Speed+ Duo

Key Features

  • Versatile Charging: A USB-C port delivers 30W of power to charge phones, tablets, and laptops, while the 12W USB port charges mobile devices.
  • Faster Than Fast: Power Delivery and PowerIQ deliver high-speed charging to your devices to reduce charging time by up to 1 hour.
  • Premium Design: A LED light ring softly illuminates the ports, and its compact size keeps your dashboard tidy.
  • Certified Safe: Anker’s MultiProtect safety system and full TUV certification mean complete protection for you and your devices.
  • What You Get: PowerDrive Speed+ Duo, welcome guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service.


  • Product Dimensions: 75.6 x 35.9 x 35.9 mm
  • Item Weight: 40 g
  • USB-C PD Output: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 15V/2A, 20V/1.5A | 30W
  • USB-A PowerIQ Output: 5V/2.4A | 12W

Pricing and Availability: Anker’s PowerDrive Speed+ Duo is available to order right now via Amazon US for a cost of $25.99, and should begin shipping on October 28.

#Anker PowerPort PD 1


  • Product Dimensions: 48.6 x 43.8 x 28 mm
  • Item Weight: 60 g
  • Output: 5V/3A, 9V/2A | 18W

Pricing and Availability: Anker’s PowerPort PD 1 is available to pre-order in China via JD right now for a cost of ¥128.00, which converts to $18.42, so expect a price near that amount when it becomes available in the US later this year.

#Anker PowerDrive PD 33W


  • Product Dimensions: 68.6 x 35.7 x 35.7 mm
  • Item Weight: 34 g
  • USB-C PD Output: 5V/3A, 9V/2A | 18W
  • USB-A PowerIQ 2.0 Output: 5V/2.4A, 9V/1.67A, 12V/1.25A | 15W

Pricing and Availability: Anker’s PowerDrive PD 33W is available to pre-order in China via JD right now for a cost of ¥198.00, which converts to $28.49, so expect a price near that amount when it becomes available in the US later this year.

#eufy Cordless Electric Mop


  • Power Consumption: 60W
  • Battery Type: Lithium | 2000 mAh
  • Charging Time: 3 hrs
  • Cleaning Time: 40 mins
  • Water Tank Capacity: 0.4L
  • Handle Rotation: 40°
  • Height: 93 - 122 cm
  • Item Weight: 3030 g

Pricing and Availability: eufy’s Cordless Electric Mop is available to pre-order in China via JD right now for a cost of ¥699.00, which converts to $100.59, so expect a price near that amount when it become available in the US later this year.

#eufy Security eufyCam E

eufy Security’s third eufyCam (eufyCam, eufyCam S, and now eufyCam E) passed through the FCC this morning. While we don’t know much about eufyCam E, more information should be coming soon!

What do you think about these new products? Let us know by sharing your thoughts below!


The Eufy steam mop looks very interesting, I’d like to get my hands on one of those I’ve been meaning to pick up a steam mop for a while.


I’m waiting for the Anker PowerDrive PD 33W, this way I can fast charge my phone and my wife’s or sons when we are out and about. The mop looks cool, we use to use a Hoover cordless steam mop which was good but I left it in Vermont


Why would you need something like this? I don’t think that it’s such a smart idea if they want to bring it to the world. I could imagine that it is just for the Chinese market

So I can stop buying nasty chemicals to clean my floors. Plus floors cleaned with steam are pet and baby friendly. I also like that I can toss the pad in the washing machine with my rags.

I live close to the highway so my apartment is constantly dusty and my floors get dirty very quickly.


Eufycam e

Eufycam evercam is on the way!


So when did these appear in the new beta page, or power user page?

I know Europe don’t see a third of what the USA get, but still how come they never appeared?

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power port pd for the win

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Nah these were never in the power user page to test, at least not that I see here on the east coast.


Wow, very in depth, thanks for sharing!

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They are likely out of beta by now, but discount codes may become available once they arrive in other areas.

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I know they’re out of beta, they got pics of them in mass production.

I was just making a statement, that they didn’t even enter beta, well not in Europe anyways, or if they did, was prob JUST Asia (at a guess).

I just get the feeling, that we’re (the forum) is being skipped, in favour of other sources? There was a time, that almost every week, at least 3 - 5 (prob more) were posting reviews of a new product, now it’s seeming rarer.

Yes there are regular comps (improving for Europe too) for 1 and sometimes a few items, whereas previously it was more via PU.

May just be my paranoia, but I’m usually right when I feel I notice something.

Not every product goes through beta, but yes, they appear to be shifting toward more open campaigns than just PU.

Oh, yeah baby.
It’s very good. We don’t have a cordless steamer, but it’s soooo useful.

Nasty greasy dirty oven
Sweat marks on arms of chairs
Cooker hood and filters
Nasty drain and plugholes
Fish tank and pet stuff
And, and, and,

All easily cleaned, with very little effort… Just purchase loads n loads of microfiber cloths!

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be sure to use distilled or filtered water to prevent scaling and clogs in the steam system.

Never have yet! Straight out the tap, plus mine doesn’t ask for “special water”, as it’s got a descale facility, like my iron.

Better to be on the safe side. I have had one Shark Steam Mop stopped working on me because of hard water.

I’m sure I could have fixed it with some CLR calcium lime rust remover but I did not want to vaporize CLR. :mask::nauseated_face:

I learned after I threw the mop a way that I could have used white vinegar, oh well live and learn.

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I’m waiting for a dual PD PowerDrive.

The power drive 33W would be a nice upgrade for my car

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I didn’t really consider this, mainly because there are very few Anker products that don’t end up being available in the US eventually, but I suppose it’s a possibility.