40W 5-port USB Power Adapter, model 71AN7105

One port no longer charges one other port sometimes charges the iPad Mini. Both of these wonky ports charge everything else(Logitech keyboard, Samsung mobile phone, Xtar battery chargers…). Older model. Ports just “wear” out? Beginning of the end of this adapter?

Ordered new PowerBank. The old adapter does not look user serviceable.

One of the ports has gone on my 5 Port 40w but the other 4 work fine. Not worth replacing yet really. Just use it as it is until it breaks totally.

How long have you guys had them? They should last a longer than a couple of years.

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2 down 3 left. Out of warranty?

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I’ve had mine a few years now. One of the first things I bought

Purchased April of 2014.

A review, tear down at a Danish website: lygte-info.dk
If interested in seeing the guts, construction, components of this adapter check out the site.
Tester has images comparing two units. Same model but with different label. One supplied by a friend of the tester that matches mine. Same issue regarding dying or dead ports. The two units with the same model number have different inners as well as label.

Maybe Anker redesigned this model. Those of us with the original unit have dying ports?

No big deal. Still an Anker fan.

When did you buy? Is it still under warranty?

4-5 years maybe. Still works great just wish it had fast charge. I got a new on for Christmas from J5create that said it supported fast charging on the package but doesnt actually have fast charge. The anker out lasts the cable

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