$40 OFF - Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

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Nice deal for CA folks!

Nice deal for CA! :clap:

I am getting these in my country (Pakistan) for 25000PKR…
is it a good deal??

I think it is based on the currency conversion rate… it is almost equivalent to $158 for Pakistan currency…
US retail is $149.99 plus there are usual deals which take the price down to $129.99…

So considering those, it is still a similar price what you get… check if there are deals which bring it down to PKR Rs 20500 … if not the price you have is ok , not a great deal price, but i do not know much on valuation there locally.

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Thanks for your kind reply…i guess i might purchase them as there is no any other vendor selling these and this price difference is in acceptable limit… Cheers

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Best of luck with your purchase. I have these and these have excellent audio quality.

Note that there is Soundcore Community dedicated for Soundcore products, you may go check more there for details and reviews.

Do post back your experience with Liberty 2 Pro here and Soundcore Community,

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