4 Port USB-C Wall Charger

I have thought of something that could make for a great Anker product: A 4 port USB-C only wall charger. I currently have a 4 port USB-A charger from Anker (see picture) and I absolutely love it. With it’s 4 ports I can charge my iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and my portable battery all from one compact wall charger. However, I’ve never liked the non-reversible USB-A ports and more and more devices are now using USB-C to USB-C cables. So I think an Anker wall charger similar to mine or the PowerPort series with mostly or all USB-C ports would be very useful. They don’t even have to be all USB PD capable since there are a lot of smaller devices that do not need that much power. Having a large USB-C wall charger would also help me and others make the full switchover to reversible USB-C cables. Because the cables exist, you can now get USB-C to Lightning, Micro USB and even to an Apple Watch charger but there still is not a large enough wall charger to use them all at once. I hope the folks at Anker see this and I’d also like to know what others think of the idea!

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