4 Party Ideas to Kick Off Your Super Bowl

The Super Bowl comes once a year, giving us an excuse to take a break from the doldrums of winter and PARTY! Time to get your family and friends together to watch the game, but…uh oh! What if your house looks like this?

And your snack table looks like this:

And your drink selection looks like this:

No worries! We’ve searched around for some of the best DIY party ideas for this season, so you won’t fumble the big gathering.

1. Make an edible snack stadium.

2. Get ideas from this recipe roundup.

3. Turn your living room into a gridiron. (Just make sure you don’t launch a pass through the window!)

4. Drink out of “footballs” with custom team pennants!

Do you have your own amazing party ideas for this year? Will the Patriots or the Eagles claim victory on Super Bowl Sunday? Let us know in the comments!


The snack stadium looks amazing but I’m sure that it is so much work. The question who is watching it and do you know on which platform (Hulu?) you could watch it.

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The Super Bowl is tricky for planning bathroom breaks because you don’t want to miss the game, but you don’t want to miss the commercials either! :joy:

Don’t forget that you can stream the Super Bowl for free with the NBC Sports app or at www.nbcsports.com. I’m a cord cutter and my over-the-air NBC signal has been hit or miss lately, so I’ll probably be streaming it this year.


I remember one year I made a football stadium out of cold cuts, chips, dip, and bread…that lasted all of 5 minutes into the game. I swore I would never spend so much time trying to do that again. It took 4 hours to put it all together for it to be gone so fast.

So now I just make wings to order, I set up my deep fryer and have it running throughout the game. Anything and everything you want deep fried I’ll make it. You would be surprised how many request a deep fried hot dog or sausage and love it. Lots of wings, sausage, fries, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings are made.

As for drinks, since my wife is a recovering alcoholic and going on 2 years sober, I as well do not drink to help encourage and support her. So our drinks of choice is tea,coffee, soda or water…whichever we feel at the time


Save me a spot at your party! :joy:

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Congratulations eagle fans to the win! For me it is a great experience to be in the area of Philadelphia, so I can see how the people care about it.


Congrats Eagles

Talk about entertainment - That was a great game!

You spent 4 hours on packaging all the boxes!:laughing:

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My friend want to cry… he is the fan for Patriots.:joy: