4-in-1 Adapter usb-c charging port NOT charging

I bought the A8336 4-in-1 adapter b/c I could charge my Lenovo laptop while plugging in my wireless mouse and keypad. Except it’s NOT. At first, it simply wouldn’t acknowledge it was plugged into the charger. Now it does acknowledge it (shows the plug icon, says “charging”) but the battery is going DOWN. Is there something I need to do? The laptop charges when I plug it directly to the charger. I don’t see any support available anywhere. Anyone know where I can get help???

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Which lenovo laptop do you have?

What charger are you using to power the hub? You might need a stronger charger as the hub itself will have a power loss and then the peripherals also draw power taking away from the main charging the laptop

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OK, I didn’t realize that. Thanks. I have a Lenovo Yoga 910. I’m using the charger that came with the laptop. What can I change it to?

Your laptops draws around 45w, fully loaded it can draw more. Add the hub and accessories it would be best to get a 60w charger.
Anker has This on sale for $30 if you clip the amazon coupon. This should work for your needs


Seems odd though as the Anker charger they have is 60W so it should be sufficient to charge the Yoga

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Perhaps it’s the accessories I’m simultaneously using? I specifically got this so I can use a wireless mouse and keyboard (to elevate my laptop). So all three were plugged in at once.

The charger looks great, thanks! Do I need a new cable? It doesn’t mention compatibility with other cords, just that it’s not included.

OK, sorry, I found an answer in the customer Q&As. Seems my current cable will work. Thanks, guys!

Just seems odd as your existing Anker one is 60W which should be sufficient to power the Yoga as far as I can tell.

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@Satoru What adapter are you talking about that they have that is 60w?

They said they had the A8336 and as far as I can tell that provides 60W of power


So it should be enough for the Yoga if the Yoga only needs 45W

That is just a hub itself, you still have to power it up and if they are using their laptop plug then it wont provide sufficient power given that it’s a 45w plug. You still have to provide and use an external plug than can provide up to 60w of power, hence the plug I recommended above.

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