Are there any products in development that have (at least) 3 x USB PD.

I don’t need crazy high power, but I would like to be able to charge 2x iPhone 12 and 1x iPad Pro at max speed at the same time. There doesn’t appear to be anything that can do that currently, even though it would only take 80W, lower than the PD4.

It would be great to see this kind of product on the market.

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Hmm not that I know of

Anker makes things very similar to what you asked for, and Anker tends to not share roadmaps here.

Most iPads need 18W minimum, ideally 30W, and most iPhones will get by with 5W but ideally 18W.

The nearest to your ask is

Now what you could consider is using multiple Powercores to aggregate to what you need. There are some advantages of this, in that you’re going to find it harder to have a dud / broken issue. It probably be cheaper. You will get more capacity and be able to take on planes.

Not ideal, not what you asked , but alternative ideas.


I need 20w to run the apple MagSafe charger and then ideally 30w each for iPads. Doesn’t look like that’s achievable at the moment. This is for home, so powercore batteries are not an ideal solution.

I’d be happy with a couple of Powerport PD2’s but living in New Zealand, the built it US plug is useless to me and the travel version doesn’t have an NZ plug option.

Given my location, the only way to get 20w + 30w (forgetting the second iPad for a minute is the PD4 which seems a bit stupid. You’re paying a lot extra for an extra 50w of power, and a couple of USB-A ports, that won’t be used.

The simplest may be to use a USA extension with USA Anker 2-port and back-to-back them with a NZ-US plug adaptor on end of the extension.

So you can make it like this.

Get any 2 port you like with ports you like. Examples



Then a two-sided USA extension and a plug converter on the end.

Hence a 4 port 120W is two dual 30W, there exist dual 20W, and a 30W single port, etc, etc.

Possibly Anker may make something single power for you, but I’d not assume asking here will get the ideal answer, Anker rarely talks futures.

I currently have 83W with me via keeping the 20W Nano in my EDC and a 63W 4 port desk charger in my travel bag, I thus these 20W + 18W + 30W plus 2 USB-A ports sharing 15W using 2 Powerports.

Multiple is the best way to go right now.

I also know you mention it’s for home, but there is also a lot to say for a Powercore 20000 PD, they do 20W out and can be placed anywhere in the home as well as being portable, keeping a couple around helps with socket placement in the home and portable power, emergency power. I often us a 20000 PD in the home to not have a long cable nearby and recharge them to maintain an off-grid capability.

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Thanks for your ideas.

I’m sure I’ll do something like that in the short term.

I’m trying to replace 8 PowerPort 6+’s in different locations so I’m hoping they come out with a more elegant option soon.

I would love a big powerhouse, but it seems the battery is too big to get them shipped to NZ privately and there is no offical channels to get them here.

Anker has improved their Powercore faster better than they improved their Powerport.

Investigate the 20000 PD 20W, it’s a few days of iphone power and you move it with you around and so own less powered sockets.

If you buy lots of Powerport ports they end up idle most of their lives and little use for travel. Unlike Powercore. So suggest revisit if you need so many Powerport ports.