3D Printing Ideas!

Hey friends!

I recently got a 3D resin printer for my birthday (my husband is the best at gift-giving) and would love some ideas for things I can print. Specifically, is there anything Anker-related I can make? Maybe some modifications/tweaks to power banks? I don’t have AutoCAD, so it’d have to be something I can find premade on Thingiverse :smile:

@AnkerOfficial Do you have the Anker logo as a 3D file? :innocent:


You can use blender to make files to print. Making an anker logo in it would be super easy.

@gAnkster 3D printed some anker stuff here

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I probably should have searched the forum a little better…

Pretty outdated thread so I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad idea to have an updated one :wink:

Has anyone 3D printed a 3D printer?

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3D print-ception!

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Lulzbot 3D prints most of their components…

This guy, however, printed the whole thing.

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Several companies use 3D printers to help print parts for more parts for their printers.