33% Off RoboVac 30c Max Amazon Deal

Here’s a great discount bringing this down to the cheapest price I’m aware of on Amazon.co.uk.

33% off brings this robotic sucker down to £179.99.


Do anyone know if you can use the £40 referral while purchasing a Black Friday RoboVac?

It says not valid with any other promotion so wasn’t sure. TIA :slight_smile:

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I don’t know anything about the vouchers @Oggyboy
Is it the sort of thing thats easy to try?

Hi @paulstevenewing if I try it’s going to cost me £180 haha I’d rather pay less for one but we really miss our broken buddy

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I bet, I wouldn’t be without mine.
What happened to yours?

Just packed up. 4 beeps, can’t get it working.

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Gutted @Oggyboy
Isn’t 4 beeps a sign of low battery?
Any suggestions from support as to whether replacing the battery will fix it?

What does it say on the bottom label of your robovac @Oggyboy? have you tried power on/off, reset few times and if it is the battery are you planning on replacing one?

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Spot on savings, no little trail of breadcrumbs for it to pickup.

Thanks @paulstevenewing

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Cheers @TheSnarkyOne

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Nice find!

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Isn’t it just @Mike246810 :+1:t2:

Hi @Ice1 I totally stripped it cleaned it, reset it but it still did the same.

I need to dig it all out of the cupboard and try again maybe.

I’ll have a little look Christmas holiday time and if still no joy, maybe go for a January sale :slight_smile: