30% off on eufyCam E add-ons by sharing videos

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I hope that’s you breaking into the house :joy::+1:

Ewww … facebook link!? :rolling_eyes:
Are there still people using facebook? :astonished:

May I ask what it is that you assume that all humanity uses dangerous and permafailing facebook?! :rolling_eyes:

Sorry, i know you all in general love total monitoring by NSA and facebook, but there are still (thanks good!) billions of people NOT using facebook (like me) and never ever will. So surely post a link to facebook if you want to. But also consider all those who don’t need or want to use facebook.

So please post only what everyone can access without any danger or risk. Thank you! :thumbsup:

And sorry @Mohamed_ElSalamouny - nothing personal, but always remember that only a small part of humanity which got internet access is using facebook and most others hates it, doesn’t need it or even do not want it.

Example of how to share such info to like everyone , not only failbook users:

(Please click screenshot once or twice for “zoom”)

(Please click screenshot once or twice for “zoom”)

And if you just want to share videos easily and for everyone

you can use following free services for example:


… and many more where you can upload and share your videos, without the need of any restriced area, network, platform or website. :vulcan:

(Edit: Sorry @TechMan - i replied wrongly to you instead of @Mohamed_ElSalamouny in this post and don’t know how i can change or fix it)


I’ve allowed myself to download the video with an external facebook video downloader and uploaded it to SendVid for everyone who do not want to enter facebook or click a facebook link:

I hope thats ok with you @Mohamed_ElSalamouny


Awesome. That’s genius :joy:.

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Hoping for a voucher or 2 to add to my system

That’s a nice event to get discount based on the videos shared from Eufycam. :thumbsup:

These are great resources to upload videos, i myself don’t use FB for long time now, thanks for sharing these. :slight_smile:

YouTube can also be one of platforms to upload these videos

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