30% discount on the ICON at amazon.de

Nice offer, I think.

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At the moment the normal price,
because the campaign has not started yet!!
Will start today (28.03) at midnight local time DE!


Yes, sure it is nice 30% :ok_hand:

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Nice. We had the same (or similar) deal in the US the other day :wink::grin:

Edit: no link to the deal?

I see it below the image?

It was an edit he added after the original post :wink:

Okay, I mentioned this a while back but what’s up with tech prices in Germany? That same speaker is on Amazon US for $59.99 with no discount. 55,99 euros is about $62.85… That is just crazy! And that is with 30% off!

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Prices for tech things are always higher here.
ANKER is not so excessive in contrast to APPLE :worried:
So these 55,99 Euros is the normal price.
The discount will show up at midnight, local time. (now it is 20.10 here)

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Yikes! So you mentioned Apple and this just made me curious… So for an iPhone XS 64GB your paying about $300 more. Wow!

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Okay that is much much much better!

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This is the reason that Europeans travelling to USA buy a lot of tech stuff there.
But often they forget the customs when coming home. :cry:

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Pfft, I’ve left a LOT of cardboard packaging and instruction manuals in a LOT of Miami hotel rooms over the years.
No problem with customs, ever.

When coming from USA you will be normally checked here at the airports.
When coming from CE-countries normally not.
“Something to declare?” No. “Would you please open our suitcase!” :cold_sweat:

“Certainly. Here is my luggage with all this lovely shiny stuff that I bought in the EU, used on my wonderful holiday/business trip in the US, and then brought back home.”

If Customs then ask you why it’s all sealed in boxes and why you’re carrying the corresponding receipts from when you claimed the tiny amount of sales tax back at the US departure airport, well that’s just self-inflicted karma.